September 20, 2018

Supporting Broker Training

CARSTAR recently underwent a zone re-alignment that spans across the country. To continue and even improve existing services for training, CARSTAR has hired a National Program Manager to oversee training, program management and optimize process materials.

Jean-Marc Julien, the new National Program Manager, has extensive industry experience. Starting his career as a licensed 310B Technician & 410N Refinisher, Marc eventually moved into the CARSTAR family beginning as a general manager at a location and then becoming the Regional Development Manager for the Greater Toronto Area. One of Marc’s passions lies in training. Having conducted Register Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) training and being a certified I-CAR Instructor, Marc is poised to lead ground level collision repair training across the country.

Insurance broker training is available in-house, but offering ground level, in-store training helps insurance brokers gain a real life understanding of the collision repair process. Marc will be supporting this ground level training at CARSTAR facilities across the country. Brokers receive a store tour, get to walk through each stage of the repair process, see how estimates are written and much more. This builds broker understanding of collision repairs, making it easier for them to communicate with their clients and explain the repair process.

Additionally, Marc will be conducting training for the CARSTAR network by supporting stores as they implement their insurance plans, providing estimate training and aligning EDGE with new performance-based agreement priorities.

CARSTAR hopes that dedicating resources to drive repair process understanding with both insurance partners and its franchise network will continue to drive its high customer service and quality repair scores.