Our company has always done so much more than just repairing cars. We want to make the world a better place, one car, one person and one community at time.

Our vision for sustainability is to be the social, environmental and economic leader in our industry and within the local communities we serve. We give 10% of our pre-tax net profits towards programs and initiatives that support our Sustainability Plan.

Our guiding principles:

  • Make great things happen socially, environmentally and economically
  • Respect, honour and listen to our customers, partners and employees
  • Ensure ethics, integrity and transparency in everything we do


Whether we are sponsoring local events, or supporting a national charity, giving back and contributing to the community is a very important part of what CARSTAR stands for.

Our individual stores give back to their local communities by participating in fundraisers, sponsorships and apprentice programs to enrich the lives of the people they work and live with.