September 20, 2018

CARSTAR Momentum: Sales Team Recap

CARSTAR’s energy was on full display at this year’s annual conference, held in Calgary, Alberta. The aptly named, CARSTAR Momentum 2018, brought franchise, vendor and insurance partners together, from across North America.

The sales team especially, is experiencing tremendous momentum as the CARSTAR business continues to thrive. Consistent same centre sales growth has occurred over the past 14 quarters and total sales have grown by 37 per cent since 2015. As CARSTAR President Michael Macaluso said throughout the week, performance drives growth, and CARSTAR is laser-focused on performance enhancements through it’s proprietary EDGE Performance Platform.

Taking time to delve into store growth, performance plans and the future of insurance, the sales team used their time on the main stage to go over some key points. Below, is a recap highlighting the topics discussed:

  • Performance-Based Agreements: “Pay to play” or rebate and discount programs are becoming/have become outdated. The collision repair industry requires skilled trades people and consistent training, making performance all the more important. Performance-based agreements prioritize a facilities ability to deliver a safe and quality repair. It sounds sensible, but implementation can be difficult for both insurers and repair centres who are reluctant to change. CARSTAR has the systems, processes and tools in place to drive Performance-Based Agreements, already directing work to top performers.
  • Insurance Plans: A component of the EDGE Performance Platform includes EDGE assessments. The sales team has created insurance plans as an extension of the EDGE assessments. This helps connect performance enhancements at the store level to franchise profitability.
  • Service Standards: In the age of internet reviews and online listings, high service standards have never been more important. Negative online reviews have the capability to spread like wildfire, making everyone an instant industry critic. Providing high calibre service is paramount for CARSTAR, who actively monitor customer service scores, mystery shop their locations and look for ways to improve the repair process for the claimant.
  • OEM Certifications: As OEM’s become more involved in the claims process, it is becoming the norm for assignments to be routed based on certifications and performance. Driving the importance of OEM certification is the rapid advancement of vehicle technology.
  • OEM Technology: OEM’s continue to incorporate more and more sophisticated technology into their vehicles. Scanning is almost to the point of being required in order to repair vehicles safely. Telematics is also growing in popularity with over half the world’s vehicles expected to be connected by 2025. Embracing technology and incorporating training into operational platforms is what sets CARSTAR a part.

CARSTAR understands the gravity of its insurance partners entrusting their customers with its network. Committed to driving its momentum and the industry forward, the CARSTAR team is driving operational excellence, raising service standards and providing continuous training.