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CARSTAR Franchise Opportunities

If you’re a body shop owner in the collision repair industry today, you know firsthand that there are multiple challenges impacting your business. At CARSTAR, we understand, and we’re here to help with a unique blend of corporate resources and a powerful partnership support that helps you build your business in an effective way.

The CARSTAR model is uniquely attractive to independent store owners. You get the resources, support, buying power and management expertise of North America’s largest multi-store owner network but retain the ownership and independence of your stores. It’s the winning solution for over 500 shop owners and growing across North America. Find out more how you can become part of something bigger by joining the CARSTAR.

The Benefit of CARSTAR Ownership

Why become a CARSTAR franchisee partner?

CARSTAR is the recognized leader in the industry of automobile repair, with over 400 centers across North America. What is the most important ingredient to our success? Good CARSTAR franchise partners. Our partners share our values. They demonstrate integrity, desire to grow both personally the importance of collaboration.

Are you the right person for the CARSTAR family?

If you are interested in joining the CARSTAR family complete the online application form above. We use a simple three-step process to determine whether your trade and CARSTAR brand are compatible.

Below you will find these steps:

1) Explore our affinities – During a conversation, we formally share information about who we are, our work and the next steps.

2) Discover the possibilities – Once we have determined a sufficient share mutual interest to go further, we will take time to learn more about you and your business.

3) Establish a performance plan collected, we will prepare a document confirming what we have learned about you and your business, and share our initial plan on how we can help you achieve your goals.

Please contact Lisa Davis at

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CARSTAR is the recognized leader in the industry of automobile repair, with over 500 locations across North America.

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Insurance Relationships

CARSTAR Makes Business Easy

What is the most important ingredient to our success? Good CARSTAR franchise partners. Our partners share our values. They demonstrate integrity, desire to grow both personally the importance of collaboration.


We offer a full-service operations platform that includes elements of lean processing, quality controls, data analytics and education and training to drive key performance indicators to exceed industry standards. By deploying Regional Operations Specialists to enhance the workflow processes and business analysis, we assist owners and operators in delivering greater opportunities for process improvement. We continue to evolve in the human resources training arena, by using learning management systems to assist in leadership and management training to allow the store greater opportunities in recruitment processes and management training. Utilizing our EDGE Performance platform we coach, counsel, and consult performance-based modules that create a foundation for effective management of the business. This provides a culture for understanding team building and an education focused environment, while building stronger, efficient operational processes that provide an opportunity to gain greater profitability in your business.

Pre License Steps

  • Speak with a CARSTAR representative to make arrangements for an initial meeting and conduct an on site assessment
  • Once qualified, complete the formal application and credit check
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of the CARSTAR business model with your Regional Development Manager
  • Review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provided to you
  • Follow up with your CARSTAR representative to finalize your License Agreement
  • Welcome to the CARSTAR family

Post License Steps

  • Conversion Action Plan (CAP) begins
  • Required forms / applications sent to store for completion prior to launch
  • Get started with the project coordinator who will assist with signage, equipment, inventory, training and Grand Opening!

Ownership Options

CARSTAR offers the industry’s best insurance partnership program. Through an experienced insurance team, CARSTAR delivers more than 100 new DRP opportunities annually. And, the CARSTAR network provides the training and resources to help CARSTAR owners meet insurance carrier performance standards.

Gary Boesel (Owner of CARSTAR Jordan Road & CARSTAR Alpine)

Training & Support

Our Mission

To create and deliver training programs that are immediately applicable, industry leading, and that are positive contributing factors to company growth.

It’s in our Focus

We employ industry leading adult education methodologies and an execution path that blends various types of delivery modes:

• Via our Learning Management System, CARSTAR U

• Classroom sessions at our Learning Institute

• Micro learning and out of the box webinars on current industry themes

Our Learning Pillars

All learning initiatives will fall under one of our 5 Pillars of Learning:

1. Store and Employee Immersion

2. Technical Intelligence

3. Business Excellence

4. Customer Experience

5. People and Leadership Development

What Can You Expect?

• Responsiveness

• Best in Class/Industry Leading

• Programmatic

• Measurable

• Aligned with ROI and KPI’s

Our Franchise Development Team

Dave Foster, Vice President of Development (905) 730-2652
Mike Piper, Director - Western Canada (403) 988-1052
Dave Meery, Director - Atlantic Canada (902) 456-5955
Yves Robichaud, Director - Quebec (514) 473-7527
Darrin Jordinson, Regional Development Manager - British Columbia (250) 668-5141
Jean Marc Julien, Regional Development Manager - Hamilton Halton Niagara (905) 741-6589
Robert Jasper, Regional Development Manager - Southwestern Ontario (519) 788-0165
Collin Welsh, Regional Development Manager - Eastern Onatrio - GTA East (416) 455-4298
Rosanna Rubbo, Regional Development Manager - Quebec (514) 233-0444
Greg Gore, Regional Development Manager - Northern Ontario, MB, SK (613) 292-7641

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