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Common Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Windshield Repair Mistakes

Your windshield is one of the most important parts of your car’s exterior and damage and improper care can lead to decreased visibility which can put you and your passengers in danger. There are some great ways to repair and replace your windshield using professionals which we will discuss later in this post. However, first lets discuss some DIY windshield repair mistakes that can lead to disaster and cause you even more stress in the long run. Our experts at CARSTAR Express have compiled the following post to ensure that you know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to DIY windshield repair.

Using a cheap DIY kit

One of the most common mistakes that car owners make when attempting to repair their windshield is using a cheap home repair kit. Windshield repair is nowhere near as simple as it seems, and many of these kits take advantage of unknowing customers that think they can fix their windshield with no background knowledge. The reality is that using these kits, with no prior windshield repair experience, can likely lead to more damage to your windshield and instead of a windshield repair job, you may end up having to hire a professional to do windshield replacement.

Ignoring air bubbles

Most DIY windshield repair kits provide you with a special resin to fill in the chipped area of your windshield. After applying the resin, many people fail to ensure that it is free of air bubbles and end up compromising the final result. The more bubbles there are the worst the final product will look. That is why by using a professional who is trained and has years of experience, you can avoid making this mistake.

Improperly aligned tools

DIY windshield repair kits typically use a suction cup tool that holds your tools in place and allows you to accurately fill your windshield damage with the aforementioned resin. Many people do not realize the importance of aligning this suction cup tool directly above the damage on your windshield and end up failing to fully repair their damage. Again a mistake that can cause more work and a product that is not as good as one that is done by a professional.

Failing to check your insurance policy

Some insurance policies will be rendered invalid if you choose to go with DIY windshield repair methods. If you fall victim to any of the DIY windshield repair mistakes mentioned above, you may end up with a windshield in worse shape than it began and no warranty. Make sure you know what is covered in your policy and what kind of tampering voids it. If your insurance covers the repairs, then there really is no reason for you to take on the job yourself and risk further damage.

Waiting too long to conduct repairs

Whether you use DIY methods or decide to go to a professional, there’s only a certain amount of time that chips in your windshield will last before they turn into serious cracks that will cost a significant amount of money to repair. The moment you notice chips in your windshield, you need to decide on getting it fixed before it’s too late.

Windshield cracks and chips can be serious problems that can lead to complete windshield replacement, so if you have any doubts about what you should do for repairs, your best bet is to go straight to a professional. At CARSTAR Express, our experts can answer any questions you have regarding autoglass repair and replacement. Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-235-8883 or visit to book an appointment online.

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