November 21, 2019

CARSTAR EDGE Performance Platform

EDGE - education development growth excellence

The CARSTAR network, across North America, has come together to make EDGE an industry force. From the operations team in the field, to its franchise partners and store employees, CARSTAR is encouraged to see everyone working together to take its operational performance to the next level.

EDGE Performance Platform

The EDGE Performance Platform was heavily tested, revised and retested over the course of four years, in order to get it into the state it is today. Being able to achieve the same positive outcomes in each store, no matter the market, was a key goal with the EDGE Performance Platform. Additionally, being able to update the program so it could evolve alongside the changing collision repair industry was also essential.

Now, CARSTAR has a program that its facilities can use to self-evaluate and CARSTAR’s operations team in the field can rely on to help coach stores when needed. The EDGE Performance Platform focuses on the below key performance indicators, and has had proven success enhancing:

  • Repair standards
  • Customer service
  • Touch time
  • Quality control
  • Cycle time
  • Length of rental

This program has evolved since inception. It will continue to evolve as the industry advances and CARSTAR receives franchise partner feedback.

EDGE Performance Groups

Similar to 20 Groups, franchise partners continue to cite EDGE Performance Groups (EPGs) as one of their most valued programs.

EPGs are biannual meetings that gather the community of CARSTAR franchise owners from a particular region together. It is here, where the CARSTAR franchise family shares best practices, gets updates from top industry leaders and learn about any new CARSTAR programs. This is the perfect environment for honest discussion amongst colleagues on how to solve similar business challenges and an opportunity for owners to foster valued relationships with other like-minded owners.

“I will give sole credit to CARSTAR’s EDGE Performance Groups for my successful growth strategies,” says Jamie White, owner, CARSTAR Ken’s North, CARSTAR Dalton South and CARSTAR Universal of Fort Oglethorpe. “Everyone is always willing to share ideas. We adopted a bunch of these ideas and morphed them into what worked for us allowing us to drastically increase our sales and open two new facilities. Adopting the operational guidelines, participating in franchise partner events, reaching out to the corporate team with questions and using CARSTAR to its full potential are all contributing factors that has gotten us to where we are today.”

CARSTAR University

The collision repair industry is always evolving and changing, sometimes faster than people can keep up. This is why CARSTAR has created CARSTAR University, a training and education platform dedicated to provided the resources collision repair facilities need, in order to stay current with collision repair trends.

The training and education team at CARSTAR is always working with vendors, insurance partners and OEM leaders to ensure the resources in its platform is both helpful and current. Some of the key training materials housed in CARSTAR University include:

  • Operational performance training
  • Insurance guideline training
  • OEM training
  • Coaching from Mike Anderson, founder of Collision Advice
  • Human resource materials
  • Marketing resources
  • Community engagement resources
  • And much much more!

“There is so much valuable information on CARSTAR University,” says Karen Bryan, owner, CARSTAR Precision. “You definitely finish each course learning something new each and every time. I like that CARSTAR is putting super relevant, updated information, in a localized place for everyone to access…I’ve been in this industry 30+ years so yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!”

For more information on joining the CARSTAR family, to take advantage of EDGE and everything it has to offer, visit