May 30, 2018

CARSTAR Encourages Teen Drivers to Put Safety First and Enjoy the Moments

It’s that time of year, girls don their fabulous gowns, boys get fitted for their tuxedos and graduation parties are planned to create the ultimate high school and college moments.  Prom and graduation season is here and with it comes the excitement of celebrations, sharing photos, videos and texts with friends and families. But it’s also accompanied by an elevated risk for teen drivers.

According to research by MADD Canada, 70 per cent of teens killed on prom weekends were not wearing seatbelts. Nearly half of all 15-20 year olds killed in car crashes during prom season involved alcohol.

CARSTAR is hoping to help reduce the risks of teen accidents by offering tips to parents and young adults to keep them safe on the way to and from those special events.

“Those of us in the collision industry know all too well the dangers associated with teen driving,” said Michael Macaluso, President of CARSTAR.  “We are in the unique position of taking the leadership role and reminding parents and their kids about the increased risks from May through June. Educating young drivers about the dangers of texting and driving as well as drinking and driving helps ensure they prioritize their attention on the road while behind the wheel.”

Macaluso offers tips for parents and teen drivers for reducing teen accidents during prom and graduation seasons:

• Snap/share your photos and videos before you get in the car
• Turn on the“ Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone so it silences incoming texts and notifications
• Be considerate of the driver as the number one cause of distracted related accidents for teens are from other passengers
• Consider a car service on your big night. There are many different ride options out there including  limousines, car services, parents and Uber or Lyft
• If you suspect your teen or their friends will be drinking, offer up a “no questions asked” pledge if they call you to pick them up