August 17, 2022

CARSTAR Highlights Tools to Stay Ahead of Industry Advancements

As an industry leader in collision repair excellence, CARSTAR addressed the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to vehicle advancements at its recent CARSTAR conference in Nashville, TN.

Arlo Johnson, Senior Vice-President of Commercial Programs at Driven Brands, highlighted the rate of acceleration in vehicle advancement and the need for continuous education. With its recent co-partnership with asTech and Opus IVS, leading suppliers in diagnostics and scanning, CARSTAR has additional support for its franchise family.

“We want to simplify the whole process and that’s why we’ve established these two industry-leading partnerships,” explains Arlo. “Our network is familiar with mastering diagnostic and repair tools, but this standardization helps simplify the process with both the manufacturers and our insurance partners.”

“This standardization also helps set the stage for future generations who are purchasing more complex vehicles,” continued Arlo. “With all of these new digital tools making our cars safer and an increase of electric vehicles, it’s clear there is an opportunity to serve this growing market of consumers, who value technology.”

It’s also about reducing repair times, as many other uncontrollable factors can impact the repair process.

“There are added advantages in performing scanning and calibrations in your collision repair facility,” says Vince. “By including this step, we avoid subcontracting this operation, reducing lead times and having greater control on ensuring an exceptional customer experience.”

Vince also explained that it all comes down to safety in the end.

“For the calibration of ADAS safety systems, our franchise family works hard to perform repairs according to the manufacturer’s specifications whenever possible,” continued Vince. “While not all facilities have the space to perform calibrations or scans in-house, we encourage our teams to work together with sister locations or even sister brands, who have the capability to do so. By keeping all work within our network, we can ensure a safe and quality repair.”