May 9, 2018

Checks and Balances to Drive Performance-Based Agreements

CARSTAR is committed to ensuring customers receive a premier experience, no matter which location they visit. This commitment requires continuous attention and development.

It may be little known, but CARSTAR employs a third party vendor to ‘mystery shop’ its stores. This proactive practice has proven to be highly effective in various service industry arenas, and the collision repair industry is no different. In CTV’s mystery shopping investigation, Project Bumper, CARSTAR performed at a level that partners have come to expect. These Canadian wide mystery shoppers cover all aspects of the repair process that any customer would go through. Results are confidential for internal auditing purposes, but it provides our team with data on areas for improvement, and brings real experiences to light. CARSTAR believes that this is a building block of trust with our customers and insurance providers.

Additionally, the operations team is underway in its deployment of CARSTAR’s proprietary EDGE Performance Platform across Canada. CARSTAR formalized its researched and tested practices into a replicable and reliable program. Franchise profitability, vehicles through the facility and operational performance, (demonstrated through key performance indicators) all improved with the implementation of EDGE. Embedded in the EDGE Performance Platform is an assessment that Area Managers will complete, aimed at gauging store performance. Results measured against key performance indicators gives the operations team insight into individual store performance. Through this additional check by a trusted advisor, CARSTAR assures it is providing premier collision repairs across its network.

Designed to drive performance-based agreements, CARSTAR insurance partners can be reassured that mystery shopping and EDGE are working in tandem for their benefit across all facilities in the network.