December 23, 2015

5 Common DIY Windshield Replacement Problems

Your windshield is one of the most important parts of your car’s exterior, offering protection from debris, enhancing aerodynamics, supporting structural strength, and safeguarding passengers during accidents. Damage and improper care can lead to decreased visibility, putting you and your passengers in danger.

Attempting DIY windshield replacement can seem like a cost-effective solution to repair damage at first glance. However, this task comes with several challenges and potential pitfalls. From choosing the right tools and materials to ensuring a perfect fit and seal, going DIY comes with windshield replacement problems that can often escalate in complexity and cost.

Let’s examine the common issues you might encounter during windshield repair and replacement. At CARSTAR, we aim to give you the knowledge that gets the best results, whether you decide to take on the task yourself or opt for professional help.


Using a Cheap DIY Kit 

DIY windshield chip repair might seem appealing for its convenience and immediate results. However, using windshield replacement kits can be problematic for several reasons:

  • Questionable Effectiveness: While some may wonder, “Do windshield repair kits work?” the reality is that they often offer only a temporary fix. Unlike a professional windshield repair job, a kit might not adequately address cracks or chips, which can suddenly worsen while driving and impact the driver’s ability to see the road ahead.
  • Lack of Professional Tools: Proper windshield replacement requires specialized tools and materials like O-ring removers, heavy-duty suction cups, and rounded-end carbide tools to ensure a secure and precise fit, which DIY kits cannot provide. The lack of proper equipment can lead to an improperly installed windshield, compromising safety.
  • Structural Integrity Concerns: The windshield significantly strengthens the vehicle’s cabin structure, contributing up to 45% of its integrity in frontal collisions and 60% in rollovers. Professional repair ensures the windshield can maintain the vehicle’s safety by providing clear visibility and structural support. DIY attempts can undermine these critical factors, increasing the risk of extensive damage in an accident.

For a task as vital as windshield replacement, the expertise and equipment of professionals outweigh the temporary solutions offered by DIY kits.


Ignoring Air Bubbles 

Most DIY windshield repair kits offer a special resin to fill in the chipped area of your windshield. However, after applying the resin, many overlook the critical step of removing air bubbles, significantly compromising the outcome. These air bubbles are a cosmetic flaw and a significant windshield replacement problem

If air bubbles remain, they can undermine the integrity of the repair, potentially leading to further cracks since the damage is not properly sealed. Opting for a professional service with technicians trained and experienced in bubble-free applications ensures a durable and visually clear repair.


Using Improperly Aligned Tools 

Another common DIY windshield replacement problem is improperly aligned tools, an issue that often arises from the user’s inexperience. When utilizing a windshield repair kit, precision is key. Tools that are not perfectly aligned can lead to an uneven application of resin or improper placement of the glass. 

This misalignment not only affects the aesthetics of the repair but can also compromise the seal, leading to potential leaks or increased susceptibility to future damage. To avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the tools and process or defer to professionals equipped with the right tools and expertise to ensure a flawless installation.


Not Reviewing Your Insurance Policy

Starting DIY windshield repair without checking your insurance could be a costly mistake. Many insurance policies become void if DIY methods are used for repairs. 

If you encounter any mishaps from common DIY errors, you might have a more damaged windshield and no coverage. It is crucial to understand your policy’s coverage and the conditions that could nullify it. If your insurance covers repairs, there’s no advantage in risking further damage by attempting the repair yourself.


Waiting Too Long to Conduct Repairs

Whether opting for DIY windshield chip repairs or consulting a professional, it’s crucial to address windshield chips promptly. Chips often become substantial cracks within a few days to weeks, significantly increasing repair costs. When you spot a chip, arranging for its repair immediately is imperative to prevent the damage from escalating.


CARSTAR Is Your Best Solution for Windshield Repair

Cracks and chips can create significant windshield replacement problems if not addressed promptly. Consulting a professional is the safest choice if you’re unsure about the best repair approach. 

At CARSTAR, our experts can answer any questions regarding auto glass repair and replacement. Visit a location near you to get your windshield repaired or replaced by experts. Save time and avoid further damage to your vehicle with professional service.