September 20, 2018

EDGE Update: LOR and Scheduling Focused

Rolled out across Canada, EDGE, CARSTAR’s proprietary operational platform has received outstanding feedback. From vendors supporting the operational training, to franchise partners providing real-time feedback for improvements, EDGE is a collaboration between countless industry experts.

The first round of EDGE assessments have a 100% completion rate, with CARSTAR locations across Canada working with their Area Manager of Operations to accomplish. The next step for EDGE is to conduct quality audits across the network. EDGE assessments are a review of all of the equipment and processes in place for a store. Quality audits look at how the store uses the equipment and executes processes. After quality audits are complete, Area Managers of Operations conduct EDGE assessments once again. EDGE is cyclical, constantly reviewing the operational abilities of the CARSTAR network.

Two operational components CARSTAR remains focused on improving are, length of rental (LOR) and scheduling. Equipment, process and training are incredibly important when it comes to bettering LOR and scheduling. CARSTAR is working to address these elements by:

  • Renegotiating vendor pricing for all equipment for the stores, helping to alleviate the cost barrier preventing stores from advancing their in-store technologies
  • Streamlining cumbersome processes that improve the length of rental without comprising on the premier quality of the repair
  • Working with vendor partners to launch equipment training for CARSTAR U, the online learning management system available to the CARSTAR network
  • Leveraging new technology to create a consistent and streamlined approach to scheduling

The EDGE Performance Platform is an evolving operational system connecting the corporate team with each store in the CARSTAR network. Enhancing performance-based agreement compliance, driving technology adoption and ensuring proper training is available for various repair processes are some of the benefits already seen by EDGE. CARSTAR is excited about the network’s adoption of the program and eager to keep the momentum going.