June 20, 2021

Expert Services for Cross-Country Summer Travel

Expert Services for Cross-Country Summer Travel

A new report commissioned by Toyota Canada shows that Canadians are looking to travel this summer, with 65% of Canadians planning to travel within Canada.

No matter where your policyholders travel, CARSTAR is here to help with over 300 facilities across the country. CARSTAR’s expert services are available across the country and here to help customer’s in need, whether it’s a public or private insurance province.

How can drivers stay safe as they head off for a summer road trip? The experts at CARSTAR, North America’s largest network of collision repair facilities and the most trusted brand for auto body repair, offers the following tips:

Prepare Your Car Before You Go:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working order – Are you due for an oil change? When was the last time you checked your car’s windshield washer fluid?
  • Start out with a full tank of gas and check the tire air pressures
  • Check your headlights and taillights
  • Plan your route ahead of time – at highway speed is not the time to program your route into your smartphone
  • Check the weather – conditions can change quickly on the road
  • Make sure the driver is well-rested
  • Provide the passengers – particularly the kids – activities, videos and headphones or books to keep them busy and quiet

Make Safety Your Priority on the Road

  • Buckle up, slow down and don’t drive impaired
  • Don’t text or talk when you’re driving
  • Observe speed limits
  • When there is rain or flooding on the roads, drop your speed to a safe limit
  • Leave extra distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you for additional safety
  • Do not use cruise control on rainy roads
  • Use caution on bridges, overpasses, and infrequently traveled roads
  • Use extra caution when driving on one-lane roads

If an unfortunate accident does occur, CARSTAR recommends having a collision plan in place so you aren’t stranded on the roadside waiting for assistance. Reach out to our dedicated team at insurancesales@carstar.ca for resources to help prepare for your cross-provincial travel or to learn more about our exclusive CARSTAR services.