December 6, 2017

How to Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

How to Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Tips for the Car to Keep You Safe


Hamilton, ON – December 6, 2017The winter season can be one of the busiest times of year on the road. Whether it’s getting to a big family meal over the holidays, not missing the start of a big game or aiming to beat traffic as you head off to your favourite ski hill – highways are busy.


How can you be safer on the road this holiday season?

Dean Fisher, Chief Operating Officer for CARSTAR North America, the most trusted brand for auto body repairs, offers the following tips:


Preparations for your car this winter:

  1. Make sure that your vehicle is in good working order – Are you due for an oil change? When the last time you checked your car’s anti-freeze?
  2. Check your tires’ pressure when it has a full tank of gas, to get an accurate reading. Tires lose pressure in colder temperatures.
  3. Make sure the windshield fluid is full, and mix in a de-icer for extra protection.
  4. Check your headlights and taillights to be sure they’re not hazed and foggy.
  5. If your vehicle has rear wheel drive, put bags of sand or kitty litter in your trunk to make your vehicle easier to control.
  6. Pack a snow day kit just in case you get stuck. Important items to include are a blanket, gloves, hat, water, granola bars, flashlight and extra batteries, extra cell phone battery, flares, wooden matches in waterproof container, compass, scissors, rope and first aid kit.

Tips for winter driving:

  1. Buckle up, slow down and don’t drive while impaired.
  2. Don’t text or talk when you’re driving.
  3. Observe speed limits, even if you’re running late.
  4. When there is snow or ice on the ground, drop your speed as a safety measure.
  5. Leave greater distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you for better visibility.
  6. Do not use cruise control on icy or wet roads.
  7. Be vigilant on bridges, overpasses, and infrequently travelled roads as these may be icy or slick.
  8. Use extra caution when driving on one-lane roads and avoid passing cars.


If the unfortunate winter accident does occur, CARSTAR recommends having a collision plan in place so you aren’t stranded on the roadside waiting for assistance. CARSTAR is provides premier collision repairs and other wide ranging services including; windshield repair and replacement, paintless dent repair and at some locations, aluminum repairs. In addition, CARSTAR offers claims assistance, rental assistance, fleet services, 24/7 accident assistance with 1-800-CARSTAR and the CARSTAR credit card, which helps customers get the repairs they need, right away.


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