January 29, 2019

Insurance Outlook 2019

Insurance Outlook 2019: Demonstrating that performance drives growth through its many 2018 achievements, CARSTAR plans to build on this advancement in the New Year.


As insurers continue to experience cost pressure, many are reducing field claims staff, assigning less resources to manage multi-store owner relationships and relying on these groups to “self manage” their operations. This approach works well for a high performing system like CARSTAR and in many cases it can expedite the repair process.

Self-management continues to be a focus in the collision repair industry, but it can be difficult in an era of continuous advancement. CARSTAR is poised to deliver results in its performance-based agreements, even in this ever-evolving climate, as its insurance team prioritizes self-management.

As the premier collision repair leader, CARSTAR has kicked off 2019 with added initiatives to help sustain the accelerated pace of growth. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Performance Based Agreement Scorecards: Traditionally, a collision repair facility would receive a scorecard from an insurer outlining performance. Rather than letting the responsibility of scoring fall solely on the insurer, CARSTAR is stepping forward to score its network based on key metrics that are valued by the insurance industry.
  • Quarterly Workshops: Working sessions with the CARSTAR program manager have proven to improve performance, thus encouraging CARSTAR to formalize these sessions. Maximizing compliance with insurance guidelines are these comprehensive training sessions, coaching tools and procedures.
  • Performance Based Agreement Calls: Formalizing the periodic check-in with its network, CARSTAR aims to streamline insurance communications to ensure stores understand all insurance updates and that they have the resources needed to implement any changes into their operations if necessary.

Proactively addressing key industry challenges like smart scheduling, capacity control and quality management through these self-managed forums is how CARSTAR plans to accelerate its performance in 2019.