May 9, 2018

Pre- and Post-Repair System Scanning

Gaining in popularity and usage over the past couple of years, pre- and post-scanning is quickly becoming an essential part of the repair process. As of right now, the industry is working to catch up with the technology.

Built to include a wide range of helpful capabilities for the consumer, vehicles now include alluring features like lane departure warning or blind spot detection. For this technology to function properly, the systems require a tool, such as a scanning tool, that communicates with the vehicle and “asks it” to check itself to ensure all modules are online and working properly.

Problems found during a scan can be from the original loss or from the repair facility disassembling the vehicle. Something as simple as disconnecting the battery can lead to “codes” being found in the system, affecting its performance. Scanning equipment helps collision repair professionals to better assess the total damage to a vehicle, especially when potential issues are not easily visible. It helps collision repair specialists ensure everything in the vehicle is working the way the OEM manufacturer has intended.

CARSTAR understands the importance of scanning in all stages of the repair process. The post-scan is where a problem identified in the pre-scan can be corrected. Additionally, a post-scan is also an opportunity to correct any issues caused during the repair process. The objective is to make sure the vehicle is operating safely and in alignment with its OEM standards.

Most CARSTAR locations across Canada already have scanning included in their repair process. However, industry standards for scanning have not been set. Building best practices for scanning is a focus for CARSTAR, and we are looking to our partners like Mitchell and Audatex to lead the way in identifying costing associated to the repairs.

I-CAR has a terrific resource that helps define features that may need recalibrations, resets and re-initializations As the industry continues to work through scanning, CARSTAR is here as support for our partners during this time of uncertainty.