August 30, 2023

Quebec Owners Quadruple Store Count

Expansion is in the air! CARSTAR, North America’s premier network of independently owned collision repair facilities, has announced the resale of CARSTAR Lafontaine, CARSTAR St-Jérôme and CARSTAR Piedmont to recent franchisees and owners of CARSTAR St. Eustache, Simon Anderson and Stéphane Roussy.

“I am very pleased to continue working with CARSTAR and to expand our reach to a wider net of individuals who can be helped by our services,” said Stéphane Roussy, new CARSTAR MSO. “For us, expanding operations really means expanding the ways in which we can help the people in our community. I am very thankful for CARSTAR’s guidance through this process and for the owners who trusted us to assume their clientele.”

The dynamic duo of innovative repair experts first joined the network back in June and their eager and ambitious plans for expanding their footprint with CARSTAR have already come to fruition. CARSTAR Lafontaine, CARSTAR Piedmont and CARSTAR St-Jérôme were purchased from fellow franchisee, Patrice Magnan, who has been with the CARSTAR network since 2017.

“Simon Anderson and Stéphane Roussy have quickly proven their prowess as owner-operators and I am proud to be a part of their journey,” said Dave Foster, VP of Network Promotion and Development, CARSTAR Canada. “I look forward to witnessing this team foster connection, deliver results, and ultimately, leave their new communities better than they found them.”

Please join the network in congratulating Simon Anderson and Stéphane Roussy on the growth of their operations!