July 26, 2023

Thunder Bay Rumbles with Charitable Spirit

As one of Canada’s busiest ports and the gateway to North Ontario, Thunder Bay is filled with endless possibilities. One of those possibilities is the ability to make a huge difference in charitable efforts.

Daniel Trevisanutto, owner of CARSTAR Thunder Bay (Half-Way Motors), has a generous way of leaving places better than he found them. As a CARSTAR Advisory Council member and inaugural member of the Canadian Council of Collision Repairs, Trevisanutto is a seasoned pro who takes community involvement to the next level.

Most recently, CARSTAR Thunder Bay celebrated 25 years of service as a member of the CARSTAR network at its recent national conference. To celebrate the achievement and to support CARSTAR’s charity of choice, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Trevisanutto pledged a $1,000 donation to support research, care, and advocacy for cystic fibrosis survivors.

From here, the donations only continue to grow. Trevisanutto serves on the Board of Directors for Our Kids Count, a non-profit that provides the community with mentorship, counselling, licensed childcare and more. His efforts as event chair for the Our Kids Count annual Thunder City Rumble, helped to raise nearly $30,000 last year. Additional outreach with Our Kids Count has included charity car shows and the partial funding of a van to support transition needs for Our Kids Count programming.

And there’s more! Spring 2022 saw Trevisanutto and his team band together and lean on their community to raise funds for Ukrainian relief. CARSTAR Thunder Bay (Half-Way Motors) pledged to match donations and ultimately contributed $56,000 of their own to reach a total sum of $80,000.

And wait, there’s still more! The Trevisanutto charity is not confined to just one industry or cause. In fall 2021, the Half-Way Motors Group made a $100,000 contribution to support the renovation of the Roots to Harvest building, a non-profit that provides educational opportunities and resources intended to cultivate a healthy community.

This is just a glimpse into the selfless spirit of Trevisanutto and his family of team members. In addition to their charitable credentials, CARSTAR Thunder Bay is also certified by Certified Collision Care, a non-profit organization that is laser-focused on maintaining the proper tools, equipment, and training to adhere to OEM standards. Trevisanutto is optimistic about growing his footprint with CARSTAR and hopes to expand his store count in the near future.

With CARSTAR Thunder Bay, you can trust in their dedication to the community and their collision repair expertise.