December 13, 2014

Top 6 Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a method of removing dents from your motor vehicle without altering your paint job. For car owners that want to fix their dents without the need or desire to have work done on their paint job, paintless dent removal is a great choice. Although it will not suffice for larger damages, for small to medium-sized dents there isn’t a cost effective or more convenient repair method available. If you’re still on the fence about the usefulness of paintless dent removal, take a look at the seven benefits of this unique dent repair method below.

It’s not time consuming

Paintless dent removal usually takes very little time, which means most auto shops can have your car back to you on the same day you brought it in. Although deeper and more stretched out dents will take a bit longer, in general paintless dent removal procedures are much less time consuming than traditional dent removal methods.


Unlike traditional auto body repair methods, paintless dent removal is very affordable. For smaller dents that have a depth of approximately 1 inch and are located in easily accessible areas, prices can be very reasonable.

Cheaper insurance bills

Many paintless dent removal repairs will cost less than your car’s insurance deductible, which means you are required to pay for them right out of your pocket. By doing this, people usually don’t report these damages to their insurance company, and thus they are able to keep their insurance bills as low as possible.

You can keep your original paint job

Even if you’re not one to fixate on the appearance of your vehicles paint job, keeping your original paint job is a huge benefit for anyone planning on selling their car in the future. Maintaining your vehicles original exterior paint finish can boost your car’s resale value immensely, and using paintless dent removal techniques can help you achieve this. Additionally, this will keep your vehicles damages from appearing on vehicle history reports, which is something that can hurt your car’s resale value.

It’s environmentally friendly

With almost no need for paints or solvents, paintless dent removal does not lead to the release of toxic chemicals into the environment. This is contrary to some auto repair methods, whose effectiveness sometimes hinges on environmentally damaging chemicals in products they use.

The various benefits mentioned above should give you an idea of what you can gain from paintless dent removal. From its monetary benefits to increased convenience, there’s no question as to why paintless dent removal has become quite a common practice. If you have any questions regarding this form of repair, or would like one of our CARSTAR Express experts to perform the service of paintless dent removal on your vehicle, give us a call at 1-866-235-8883 or visit us at to book an appointment online.