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Body Technician CARSTAR Calgary McKnight

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Job Summary

The body technician increases the efficiency of the store by ensuring they follow a systematic approach to all repairs. By properly dismantling the vehicle fully including the blend panel trim parts will ensure the complete listing of parts and labour of the collision damage can be identified early in the cycle time of the repairs. The Body Technician be highly organized and must keep excellent documentation, in order to minimize losses. The Body Technician must be able to read and understand the estimate to ensure the parts being utilized mirror match the vehicle parts to be replaced any incorrect items need to be documented on the supplemental damage sheet and communicated immediately when repairs are halted or daily in the 1 on 1 walk about with management. Participate in daily production / release meetings in order to provide key information to managerial staff

Accountability and Responsibility of Position

Receiving vehicle / Validation of Parts

• When vehicle is assigned (either parts co coordinator or technician) positions in the appropriate production stall, review the work order line items and parts to be replaced. Parts co-ordinator to position in that stall for that vehicle.
• Review the complete vehicle exterior body parts, check all power accessories (door locks/windows/mirrors are operational) check that the dash panel has no warning lights on. Identify any prior damages overlooked on the QA checklist/ or related on the supplemental damage sheet.
• Fully dismantle the complete vehicle damaged areas including the blend panel parts in order to identify all hidden damages as early in the repair cycle as possible.
• Start repairs, when applicable notify management of major supplements or hidden damages that impact the vehicle progressing ahead.
• Upon completion of the repair, return unnecessary parts for credit to parts co coordinator, along with putting all new and damaged parts on the parts cart. Notify parts co coordinator to move cart back storage area. On smaller repairs position parts in the tote and store in the trunk.
• Sign off on the QA checklist, move vehicle to next production area notify next production technician assigned to that vehicle.
• Clean and sweep production stall, re inventory as needed. Position your next vehicle in the appropriate stall and restart process.

Communication with Production and Management Staff

• Each morning at 7:45 AM a production meeting will be performed to update vehicle status for the day.
• Daily at 1 PM one on one discussions will happen with management staff on all the vehicles you are assigned to, this provides an opportunity to update additional damages or parts needed that were overlooked on the original appraisal.

Scheduled In / W.I.P.

• Each morning, after production meeting, parts coordinator will ensure that incoming vehicles parts carts / totes are loaded
• After vehicle has been checked in and delivered to production area, parts coordinator moved vehicle to the assigned stall.
• Move parts tote or parts cart to the assigned stall.
• Notify appropriate technician upon positioning of job

Materials and Safety Management

• Maintain a safe and clean environment in which to work that reflects the working conditions of the Company.
• Adopt working habits that are in accordance with the Company Employee Policy Manual

Experience/Skill Requirements

• Functional/Technical Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of Mitchell / Audatex / Reynolds

• Skills & Abilities Required

  • Work independently without close supervision
  • Works well with others & positive work ethic
  • Flexible/adaptable to constant change
  • Highly organized; ability to handle multiple concurrent assignments
  • Ability to prioritize, organize and plan work under own initiative
  • Strong communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • Motivated and follows instructions
  • Works well under pressure

Occupational Qualifications

• Physical Requirements

  • General Physical Skills (Carrying, Lifting – 100 lbs, standing, sitting, walking, reaching)
  • Driving, must have a valid license

• On-the-Job Exposure to the following elements

  • Fumes
  • Dirt
  • Chemicals/Toxins
  • Hazards
  • Heat/Cold
  • Noise

* Duties subject to change

**This position is for an independently owned and operated location and not with CARSTAR CANADA SPV LP. All employment related decisions including: hiring, firing, scheduling, and rate of pay are determined by the independent franchise owner.