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Front Administrator/Customer Service Representative (CSR) - CARSTAR Richmond Hill

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Front Office Greeting Area

Job Summary & Qualities

The Candidate is the first impression that customers and other visitors have when they walk into or call your CARSTAR store. This person is responsible for creating a front office atmosphere that fosters a high level of service. She is the main point of contact for customers and potential customers; and assists the Appraiser, Production Manger and Owners with varying service or reports. She should possess a cheerful character and a helpful, polite and courteous attitude towards customers, Vendors/ suppliers fleet and Insurance companies. The Front Administrator-CSR must be well-groomed and dress appropriately, be punctual each day and complete the daily tasks each business day. She must have keyboarding skills, a good work attitude and foster a positive team spirit both within the department as well as between the other departments in support with the overall philosophy of the company and fellow employees.

Accountability and Responsibility of Position

Customer Greeting Process

• Responsible for the initial contact with prospects and customers during the normal working day.
• Greet people visiting this CARSTAR store in order to determine needs, utilize the CARSTAR VAS (appraisal sheet blue) and capture customer Admin information.
• Pre qualify the customer of the Process to follow, appraisal process CP, fleet, Insurance (have assignment or not) time needed and steps the appraiser will be taking and why. (this reduces the time constraints on the Appraiser explaining tasks he is performing)
• Notify the appraiser of the customer’s needs and introduce the appraiser.
• Will generate a Mitchell ABS-Administrative Repair order for all vehicles being scheduled in or left for repairs. Incl’s work order and Q/A checklist pre generated..
• Pre arrange and book reservation for rental cars for all incoming or dropped at appraisal repairs
• Direct towing companies where to move vehicle to and notify production manager vehicle coming to compound.
• Contact production manager when customer shuttle service is required, he will delegate resource to use.
• When customers are dropping off vehicles ensure that the authorization to repair is performed. Ensure that the keys are obtained from the customer.
• Ensure you ask the customer to remove personal contents and parking passes, garage door openers, sun glasses, etc.
• Assist customers arriving to obtain contents when vehicle is a total loss, trigger production manager to assign resource to support the customer.

Scheduling Customer for appraisal or assignments (DAILY)

• Print off all Insurance assignments and perform follow up call to book customer for appraisal
• Book appointments for estimates (efficiently progressively each day and update the appraiser of the daily plan) (when applicable-create a daily limit plan 4 per morning 4 per afternoon 1 every hour)
• Follow up on all customer appraisals not sold, in order to increase closing ratio; within 48hrs
• When you get agreement for a sale, create a full administration work order and provide file to Appraiser to process parts ordering. Update the dates in Mitchell Abs
• Monthly print off a closing ratio report for Owners

Daily Duties

• All Repair order files from the previous day deliveries MUST be closed in the management system before the end of each business day (these must have the preclose checklist requirements met) report any delays to the Owner
• Responsible for ensuring all vendor and supplier credits are received and processed at the end of each week (or per file close C.O.P above)
• Responsible for reviewing and ensuring all parts invoices were entered and posted properly by production manager in the management system at the end of each business day.
• At the end of each Business day print off a production meeting report for next morning meeting. (report needs to include scheduled in vehicles, work in process, on site, scheduled for delivery
• Handle all phone traffic, per guidelines of CARSTAR CQS and CARSTAR University best practices, in a polite, courteous and cheerful manner.
• Screen business calls, and book appointments in Owners personal calendar. (review daily with owner)
• 9 am -Meet with Production manager daily to review production meeting notes.
• Update each Repair Order with notes as needed based on report findings
• Daily contact all customers with a planned delivery for that day, provide a target time to pick up, ensure all files deductible and or betterment charges are confirmed. Ensure payment method is discussed.
• Daily follow up with all customers work in process vehicles and provide an update (as per customer request communication needs or mid repair cycle on all jobs)
• Update all dates in the Management system as needed daily (based on prod meeting report)
• Update rental car companies by phone daily of all vehicles on site -planned delivery date
• Update the Enterprise arms rental car portal daily ( to achieve cycle 8 days ave and touch time 4hrs per vehicle targets)
• Manage all incoming calls from customers inquiring about their repair status (NOTE THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN A CARSTAR BUT if it does provide feedback based on prod meeting notes.
• Creates all customer release packages, Incl final accurate repair invoice, Insurance company warranty when applic, CARSTAR National Warranty, Net promoter Card, paint company warranty, separate parts warranty when applic.
• Notify all customers when vehicle has been deemed a total loss
• Refer all customer Concerns to the Appraiser, utilize a CQS concern report sheet and provide to appraiser for his discussion with customer.
• Maintain IOU process and run report weekly for customer follow up has been completed.
• Perform follow up calls for all work that was performed, 7 days after delivery, and use delivered vehicle report from Mitchell abs and track notes per customer.
• At the end of each week provide a copy of the follow up report findings to Mila

Cashier front reception area Duties

• Invoice all repair orders to the customer , fleet or insurance company as per guidelines
• Collect and record payment for completed jobs in Mitchell ABS daily
• Ensure final signature picking vehicle up is completed
• File all paperwork accurately
• Disburse, record and/or display customer reply cards upon receipt from CARSTAR corporate
• Ensure that the reception desk tops do not contain storage racks, store all files in drawers (except for the file you are working on) ensure work area is organized/tidy at all times
• Ensure the reception area tables are cleaned off after customers leave, position point of sale and magazines back to their place as needed.
• Ensure there are no NON CARSTAR point of sale articles stored on the reception counters
• At the end of each business day complete a POS batch header report
• Daily follow up on Account receivables
• Weekly complete an update Account receivable report for Mila
• Ensure clocks are changed, notify shop maintenance person when front floors and matts need maintenance. Daily as needed
• Manage invoice process and properly control organize and report payables to Mila weekly

Experience/Skill Requirements

• Experience providing customer service in a service or retail environment.
• Functional/Technical knowledge:
o Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, Outlook) – intermediate
o Management system experience Mitchell - requirement
o Experience with Collision Repair Estimating and/or Management systems a plus
• Skills & Abilities
o TIME MANAGEMENT essential- prioritize your day and delegate duties when needed discuss with owner when your department is overwhelmed and he will assist getting process back on track
o Work independently without close supervision
o Flexible/adaptable to constant change
o Strong tact and diplomacy; ability to interact with all levels of personnel
o Highly organized; ability to handle multiple concurrent assignments
o Ability to prioritize, organize and plan work under own initiative
o Strong communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
o Quality driven individual with Customer Service Perspective
o Motivated, follows instructions
o Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
o Works well under pressure
• Physical Requirements
o Keyboarding/Finger dexterity
o General Physical Skills (sitting for long periods, lifting ~ 10 pounds)
o Repetitive motion
o Ability to use telephone
*All duties/responsibilities/experience are subject to change

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